Paloma PG511FR Convection Gas Heater

| October 28, 2011


offer fully automatic, thermostatically controlled heating for domestic applications. They can also be manually operated or fully operated with a remote control. Its high performance filtered fan delivers rapid, winter warmth at floor level. The one-touch start button allows your Paloma heater to safely provide the heat you want when you want it.

  • 5.9 Star Energy Rating as approved by the Australian Gas Association
  • Dual Timers – The heater can be set to operate automatically at two separate periods of the day
  • Remote Controller – The versatile remote controller can fully operate the heater
  • Child Lock Function prevents accidental operation as well as children interfering with the controls
  • Automatic Economy Function – When the room reaches the required temperature the heater automatically decreases room temperature by 1°C for every 30 minutes up to 2°C
  • Preheat Function allows the heater to automatically operate one hour prior to the programmed starting time
  • Override Function allows the user to manually override the preset program and operate the heater
  • Adjustable Room Temperature – When the heater is turned on the set temperature and room temperature is displayed on the screen. By pressing the up and down arrows you can adjust the room temperature
  • NOx Emissions – Lower than the requirements of the Austrailan Standard.
  • Available in lpg and natural gas
  • Heat output 18mj


Category: Heating Gas Portable