Specialty Services & Fittings

| May 21, 2011

MAXBILT TRADING have a wide and varied range of specialty services.

  • we can supply all the parts needed to make up bbq manifolds for diy.
  • we can supply all the parts needed to convert bbq’s to natural gas.
  • we have a extensive range of lpg and ng hoses and if by some chance
  • we can’t supply off the shelf,we can make the hose to suit the need.
  • we have a massive range of brass fittings,adaptors and hose tails.
  • we can supply most parts for old kerosene blow lamps and stoves.
  • we can supply most parts for aladdin,tilley and miller kero/oil lamps.
  • we not only retest,recertify and refill lpg bbq cylinders but we also purge and certify lpg cylinders for transport by removal companies.
  • we can dispose of your unwanted lpg cylinders for a small charge.
  • we can cut various sizes of copper pipe to suit the length you need.
  • we are the gasmate authorized service agent for patio heater repairs
  • we also repair most other patio heater brands.
  • we can supply pure lamp oil in bulk for lamps and memorial burners.
  • we can supply pure solvent kerosene in bulk for kerosene heaters.
  • we have a extensive range of kerosene heater wicks and lamp wicks.
  • we supply and repair lpg filler gun and hose kits used for bulk filling.
  • we can supply aga approved solid hotplate bbq’s for bbq trailer use.
  • we carry artic cold 280,185 and 100 litre lpg/240v fridge/freezers.
  • we can supply the frostek brand of 240 litre lpg chest freezers.

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